1. How is Kiwi Benchtops different from others?

Kiwi Benchtops is the one of the best company in Auckland with significantly different design options that reflect our experience and knowledge of the industry. Our brand reflects our responsiveness to the growing marketplace.

2. What are the unique benefits of Kiwi Benchtops?

Zero Maintenance – You do not need polishing or sealing even after a long time. You can easily wash it with warm water and mild soap/washing agents can be used if needed.

Safe – The kitchen tops we provide are completely safe and are certified to use in splash area and food zones. You’re always safe with Kiwi.

Stain Resistant – The material we use will resist stains from everyday life things including common household items, for example, tea, wine, and coffee.

Guaranteed – Kiwi Benchtops also offers a warranty.

Beauty – Kiwi Benchtops are available in more than hundred designs. These beautifully crafted pieces boast the craftsmanship and natural beauty.

Strength – The material we use is of superior strength and the highest level of strength.

3. Where can I see the product on display?

Check our stone collection here. We work with exclusive partners who provide premium services and top-quality installation support.

4. I've just purchased. What happens next?

If you’re remodeling, our professional installers will work with you for installation. You can schedule an appointment and get the products installed.