Marble Benchtops in Auckland 

Sophisticated Elegance Meets Improved Technology

Marble benchtops in Auckland have always been a choice of those who prefer luxury with beauty. The vibrant colours of marble slabs and the natural veining that gives it spectacular look, make marble kitchen tops an ideal choice for home and restaurants. Be it creamy white tone or soft yellow, orange, black or green shades, marble when chosen for benchtops adds more beauty and elegance to the place. It gets fit naturally with any design and is also a great alternative to granite and quartz benchtops. They complement the design elements and are suitable for theme-based interiors.

For some people, marble is a symbol of luxury, while in many kitchens, it’s a must-have. Some people just don’t know the fact that marble benchtops are very durable and if designed and installed carefully, they last for years. Marble benchtops in Auckland are always in demand. There was a time when only riches could afford marble countertops, but when improved technology met sophistication, marble countertops are now easily accessible at the most affordable price ever.

However, many people don’t feel safe about using marble benchtops due to the perception that marble kitchen tops are expensive and they require high maintenance. It is partially correct opinion because if you are buying it from a reliable seller, you won’t have to worry about the price and durability.

Choose the right finish.

Whether you choose marble benchtops online or offline, one thing you must check is what kind of finish you are getting from the seller. There are different types of finishing available for marble. Honed finish and the second one is polished. The designers sand the surface to make it soft and scratch resistant. You may find it little more porous that leads to staining. You can go for sealing, as it helps the buyers make their marble countertops stain-free.

On the other hand, if you are choosing polished finish, it means that you will get a shiny countertop, but it is prone to scratches. You can fight with stains if you are selecting the polished finish for your marble benchtop in Auckland, but you must be very careful about the scratches. It depends on your choice. So if you are going for the honed finish, you will get a scratch resistant surface, while in the polished one, you will get a bright, shinier countertop for your home, office or restaurant.

Get it sealed

Many people ask if sealing is required or not. It is not required, but if you get it done by a professional, it is worth considering. The reason is marble’s nature. Almost every stone material is porous. So if you get it sealed, you can easily protect your marble benchtops from stains. You don’t need to call a professional all the time for sealing, as you can do it yourself.But it is better you get marble countertop sealing services from a professional company. Some companies such as Kiwi Benchtops offer affordable services you can consider.