Stone Benchtops in Auckland Is a Growing Trend, Here’s why

Adding a little luxury to kitchen has always been popular among homeowners. With beautiful stone bench tops, you can not only add good looks to space, but it’s a practical solution that is durable and easy to clean. These are just some of the reasons why Stone benchtops in Auckland are in demand. Read on to know where the trend is taking homeowners and restaurant owners as well.

An elegant look

Things made with stone add more premium and stylish look to a place. Stone is known for quality, smoothness, spectacular swirling lines, a mixture of beautiful colours and shades. All these unique qualities of stone together make it the first choice for renovation and decoration work. The blended natural patterns, tones, and shades fit perfectly with any colour scheme. The best thing is, people can choose the level of thickness they want in these benchtops.

It’s far better than steel

Steel shines a lot but gets damaged easily. No matter how hard you try to maintain its quality, after a period, steel starts losing its shine and gets affected due to its surroundings. On the other hand, stone since its inception remains a part of nature. When used in kitchen tops, stone easily survives dust, wetness, moisture, and pressure far better than steel and also doesn’t require costly maintenance.

An affordable, yet most durable option

When it comes to selecting a kitchen bench top material or contour top for the bathroom, many options are available. Stone benchtops in Auckland are not only more cost-effective solutions for your bathroom and kitchen when compared to other bench top materials,; you can save a lot of money on service and maintenance. Stone benchtops are easier to repair, and they are also cheaper to replace. Some materials are vulnerable to heat and cuts – meaning that you will always have to handle things with extra attention, but with stone, you don’t have to deal with such issues.

Easy to maintain

Cleaning and maintaining your stone bench top is a hassle-free process. You don’t need expert’s help in cleaning. For general spills like water, wine or oil, you can simply just wipe the surface. For dry stains, you can quickly scrub and remove them from the surface without damaging the shine. To make the countertop shine, you won’t have to buy wax or polish, just buy stone bench tops in Auckland from a trusted seller like Kiwi to make sure that you always get the best quality for the money you invest.

Things to remember

It’s great that you wish to follow the trend and want to buy stone benchtops in Auckland. Here are few important things you should consider before you buy.

1. Always buy from an authentic seller

2. Stone benchtops need to be installed by professionals, so make sure that the company you are buying from provides professional help

3. It is necessary to discuss your needs with a professional so that you can get the best solution.

4. Always consider focusing on aesthetics appearance and functionality

5. If you’re planning to get a customized bench top, make sure you provide accurate measurement details and also get an estimated quote before finalizing the deal. To get a pricing quotation, you can fill up this  contact form with all the necessary details so that you can plan your budget quickly.